Noise & Vibration Monitoring

Our fully self-developed noise and vibration monitoring system is a robust, cost efficient solution for outdoor and indoor noise and vibration monitoring. Features include:

  • Viewing data online from anywhere
  • Listening to recorded events
  • Getting notified by email or SMS when thresholds are reached
  • Variable data recordings and transmission intervals
  • Use wireless technology (Wifi, GPRS or 3G/4G)

Noise and vibration are two of the main concerns affecting workers health and public safety during construction. The industry today requires a clean, safe and quiet workplace. In the case with construction sites, noise must be mitigated to allow instructions to be understood, warnings to be heard and hearing loss to be prevented. Public disturbances must also be kept at an acceptable level to prevent affecting nearby communities.

In addition, high vibrations can cause permanent damage to equipment and infrastructure. Vibration levels must be monitored and kept under control to prevent extra costly repairs and possible safety concerns.

In order to address these issues, Frontop Engineering utilizes a self-developed Real-Time Remote Monitoring System that monitors the noise and vibration levels of the workplace from anywhere, anytime.

Our monitoring system employs the industry’s leading technology in noise and vibration control with fully automated monitoring instruments and customized web-based data access. Clients are able to access the password-protected Frontop monitoring website and acquire the noise and vibration levels for any given time. Alert messages can also be sent to clients through email and/or text messages when the levels exceed the given safety range, so that appropriate actions can be taken in a timely manner.