Reference 19004 – Hvac Designer

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This position requires 1 or 2 years hvac design experience with buildings, and requires designer to complete design work independently with minimal supervision. The Responsibilities of this position include but are not limited to the following:

  • Prepare and draft drawings for Hvac, plumbing, and fire protection based on architectural and structural layout for commercial, industrial, educational and residential buildings.
  • Do the building heat loss and heat gain calculations; duct calculations including air flow (CFM), Static pressure (ESP) and flow velocity (FPM).
  • Based on ASHRAE 62.1 standard of minimum ventilation rates in breathing zones, calculate ventilation requirements for all kinds of occupancies.
  • Draft the plumbing and drainage layout, size the DCW/DHW water line and sanitary pipe in terms of fixture units of Ontario building code.
  • Do the basic energy analysis and simulation to meet ASHRAE 90.1 requirements and energy efficiency design with OBC SB-10 and SB-12.
  • Layout fire alarm and sprinkler head distribution as per building code and NFPA13 standard.
  • Knowledge of all kinds of hvac equipment and system, including AHU, RTU, Heat pump, Fancoil, Make-up unit, and VAVs. Have ability to select equipment for building applications.
  • Knowledge of HOT2000 and canQUEST for space energy analysis and energy performance evaluation.
  • Knowledge of Ontario building code; Knowledge of ASHRAE, SMACNA, Fire code, and NFPA13 for fire sprinkler design.
  • Communication skills with clients and possibly go to job site for mark-up and inspections.
  • Basic AutoCAD drafting skills. Knowledge of Revit is an asset.
  • Other work assigned by Engineer or managers.
  • Soft skills including ability to communicate and work well with architectures, clients and contractors; Excellent time management skills; Ability to work under pressure; Analytical, thorough, resourceful and detail-oriented; Team and customer service-focused; Self-motivated, hardworking, flexible.

This position is toward to mechanical designer and professional engineers(P.Eng.)for HVAC, plumbing and fire protection in esidential(including condos),commercial and industrial building applications.

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